Why choose Thompsons Solicitors for your accident at work claim?

Good employers recognise that proper health and safety is good for business and will take steps to ensure their systems of work and the workplace environment protects their employees. 

Sadly, some employers continue to breach health and safety law, and even good employers' systems of work break down at times, leading to workplace accidents.

We have decades of experience in bringing – and winning - work accident claims against negligent employers. We will use that wealth of experience when representing you to secure the maximum amount of work injury compensation, to compensate you for your injuries - and recover lost earnings - after an accident at work.

Thompsons' accident at work claim solicitors have always campaigned on the issue of health and safety at work to protect employees and reduce accidents at work. We were involved in helping to establish the Health and Safety Act 1974, a key piece of legislation that keeps workers safe. We have also played a key role before and after the Act, in the introduction and legal testing of laws and regulations.

Our specialist workplace accident lawyers have dealt with tens of thousands of work injury compensation claims. These include claims for:

  • Lacerations and cuts
  • Workplace burns
  • Soft tissue damage
  • Serious injuries, including brain and spinal injury accidents
  • Workplace fatalities.

If you have been the victim of poor health and safety practice, contact our accident at work specialists today to discuss making a work accident compensation claim.

What you need to know about accidents at work

What is an accident at work?

An accident at work is an often unintended but foreseeable incident that usually happens because of the way work is being carried out, how equipment is being used or the conditions of a work site or premises.

What is an accident at work compensation claim?

An accident at work claim is the legal process in which an employee, who has suffered an injury at work, seeks financial compensation against those responsible for causing the injury.

What sort of accidents can I make an injury at work claim for?

While there are numerous injuries you can sustain at work, some of the most common workplace injuries dealt with by Thompsons Solicitors’ specialist accident at work lawyers include claims for slips, trips and falls, workplace assault claims, strain injury claims, manual handling injury claims, crush injury claims and needlestick injury claims.

Will I lose my job if I make an accident at work claim?

Making an injury at work compensation claim should not affect your job. If you were to lose your job, simply because you made a claim, then you would probably have a case for unfair dismissal. If the injuries you have from the workplace accident mean you cannot carry on in the job you are contracted to do, we can make a claim for any losses you suffer as a result of having to move to a different job within the workplace or starting an entirely new career.

What our clients say

We secured compensation for Robert who was working as a prison officer when he suffered a permanent shoulder injury while taking part in mandatory control and restraint training.

Robert Warren, Thompsons Solicitors' client who made an accident at work claim.

What you need to know about accidents at work